Standing at the harbour of Hamburg one is confronted by an array of containerships, cargo ships, tugboats and luxury liners, all seemingly close yet out of reach. Initially, the complexity of the harbour and its infrastructure, which is accommodated on a few square kilometres, remains hidden from the observer.

Hafenkompass offers to build a bridge between the harbour and its visitors, organising individually planned excursions, of a technological, social, political, or even urban development aspect. Tailor made solutions for an ever changing world.

Our project work is based on different aspects, all of which are interrelated. The main influence being geo and harbour economics as well as pedagogical learning techniques. All participants receive scientific insight into the multi facetted world of the Hamburg harbour.

Our projects and tours inspired by the maritime surroundings are developed in close coordination with our clients. Projects developed for classes are based on Hamburg schools curriculum.

Luise Berger

Luise Berger, Dipl.-Geographer

Manager Hafenkompass
Excursion manager

Luise Berger manages all aspects of economic and school excursions. Her role also includes the implementation of research work at the harbour, and she serves as an important link between the diverse protagonists in the fields of transport and logistics.

Her enthusiasm and passion for Hamburg harbour gave way to her profession. During her studies she discovered her calling and specialized in port geography. Pan European fieldwork equipped her with an innate insight in the different aspects of Transportation, thus leading her to work for Polzug.

Working with students led her to developing new educational concepts. The idea of combining harbour projects for students as well as offering advice and the necessary resources to teachers, have increased her know-how. Her aim: To combine theoretical knowledge with hands on experience.

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