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Hafenkompass is actively involved in schools development by offering individually planned tours, aimed at enriching the school curriculum. The tours are suited for projects up until the 10th grade, covering subjects such as geography, technical aspects, and socio economics.

We would like to offer our support and advice in your lesson planning, and be an invaluable resource to teachers. Topical research can be done in groups or independently, and meetings with experts can be arranged.

The content matter is divided according to the different levels of experience, age group, and knowledge, and includes the following excursions:

Hafenkompass also has a vast selection of documents suited for students at a higher education level, covering topics such as urban development. These can be applied for at the Landesinstitut für Lehrerbildung und Schul entwicklung. Excursions for foreign students can be made on request.

Cooperation partners:
Internationale Gartenschau 2013 IGS
Klimawoche 2012, Bildungsprogramm,
Landesinstitut für Lehrerbildung und Schulentwicklung,
Logistik-Initiative Hamburg,
Umweltportal Hamburg,

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