Harbour world for 8th grade to senior classes Duration app. 3 hours

The main focus of these excursions for older students is on technology, economy and logistics. This lengthy tour covers topography and the functioning of the Hamburg harbour. It starts at the landing bridges then makes its way to the modern terminals at Waltershof.

Harbour systems – The Trojan box: “Being a container in the harbour at night would be best, or maybe a big crane or even a fork lift. Anything else would be too dangerous; furthermore, bad hearing would be a good idea, as the noise is unbearable. Those trying to hide amongst the containers from the huge tractor lorries need to take into consideration that a crane could zone in on its prey from above, quite silently amongst all the cacophony. On good days however, all that chaotic bustling is like a brilliant stage, a graceful ballet of machines.”

from: 87 Tage Blau, Peter Schanz, 2003

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