Excursion 1: Harbour system Duration app. 3 hours

Our main excursion covers topography and the functioning of the Hamburg seaport It leads from the landing bridgesold harbour gangway, to the modern terminal area in Waltershof. Itinerary:

Helmsmen: Information about the day to day administration and running of different businesses, starting from the old harbour gangway landing bridges and leading on to the modern Terminal area in Waltershof.

The Trojan box: The container sets standards- a journey through the evolution of its function.

The ship and harbour duo: explores the vast technical possibilities in shipbuilding and terminal planning. A peep into the future.

The grand Alliance: Leading shipping companies have spread their network across the globe. Investigates the power and helplessness of global container traffic.

The port-to-door strategy: An answer to organisational and structural changes in the international transportation system, using a large Hamburg handling company as an example.

Exkursionsrouten mit Treffpunkten

Exkursionsrouten mit Treffpunkten

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